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Animations drive education innovation

It’s a great time to be a kid! Thanks to innovations in computers, software and the interconnectivity of the internet, there are ever more opportunities to learn and interact in new ways. While much popular thought is automatically led to the idea of computer games – which are a potent force today in the leisure time of both small and some very large children – it is not just about leisure.

Thanks to continuing innovations, we are now beginning to see how innovations such as animations can have a massive positive impact on how we deliver educational material. And the same applies whether considering educating small children; preparing senior school pupils for their examinations; helping students to engage with their degree coursework; or putting new recruits through essential training in everything from the specialisms of their sector to rudimentary health and safety and first aid procedures.

Animations can help get a message across in a number of ways, from providing an introduction to delivering clear step by step instructions. Animations are also a great way to illustrate an abstract concept, as normally inanimate objects can be made to move in an animated film sequence, to have lives of their own, even to speak.

This is a new way of imparting information that was previously the preserve of Walt Disney through his fun cartoons. Today, thanks to computer technology, it is much quicker, simpler and cheaper to put together animations than in older times when lots of long hand drawings would be involved. As plenty of YouTube videos from children have already proved, you do not need sophisticated equipment to make a quick animation. And equally, the possibilities are only really limited by your imagination.

When considering animations as part of an educational publishing project, it is often advisable to call in the support of a specialist animation provider, who equally importantly has experience of the educational publishing market. That way, your animations will be prepared with an eye on the important messages that need to be got across to a specific audience, of the right age group. HL Studios is one such company, which specialises in providing animations and preparing education materials in the new digital formats that are now increasingly in demand. As technical illustrators, the company can draw anything required for an animation.

Simple basics need to be got right. For example, files sizes need to be delivered at a scale which will work on all computers, in a software format that different machines will recognise. If the animation is being delivered on a DVD, then the file size needs to be small enough to fit on the medium, while it should be easily accessible by a non-specialist, from a simple menu, or by an on-screen link. Likewise, if the animations are being delivered online, then they need to be easy to download, or else should be hosted on a web server that has the capacity for a classroom of children to access the animation many times over, concurrently. For support in delivering animations specifically suited to the educational market, be sure to contact a specialist such as HL Studios, in order to get the quality of animation you require for your teaching project.

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